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Schuberth C5 Helmet

Schuberth C5 Helmet

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The SCHUBERTH C5 represents the new era of flip up helmets and the result of 20,000 engineering hours, of 2000 tested helmets in SCHUBERTH's environmental lab and wind tunnel, and more than 400 hours of test rides on German roads.


The heritage of SCHUBERTH in the Flip Up segment started more than 20 years ago with the CONCEPT, the first SCHUBERTH flip-up and since then SCHUBERTH has been into an ENDLESS EVOLUTION process which has brought the company to redefine the benchmark standards multiple times. The C5 is a lighter yet safer helmet with a shell design that is more modern and aggressive, but quieter at the same time.


Since the first CONCEPT helmet, the outstanding aeroacoustic performance has been one of the distinguishing elements of all SCHUBERTH flip up helmets. During the development of the C5 our technicians spent more than 200 hours in SCHUBERTH property wind tunnel optimizing the helmet shell design.

These studies together with a new neckroll concept ensure a perfect seal at the bottom of the helmet shell, allowing the C5 to achieve the remarkable result of 85 dB(A) at 100 km/h on a naked bike.


The SCHUBERTH C5 introduces a double chin Air Intake featuring a washable and exchangeable filter for proper breathing while riding in extreme conditions. The buttons offer easy adjustment of the variable control front vent.


Ventilation makes the C5 a game changer in the Flip-up helmet category. An optimum head thermoregulation maximises the rider's performance and comfort. For this reason, the C5 is designed to combine the ultimate ventilation with the dual chin air intake with exchangeable filter, combined with a new back spoiler featuring air exhaust and exposed EPS ventilation channels.



The SCHUBERTH C5 sets a new benchmark in terms of comfort. The standard head pad has been developed to offer uncompromised comfort to all our customers, but those with "extreme head shapes" are usually forced to compromise with fit and sizes.

For SCHUBERTH compromise is not an option, so this is why with the C5 we are introducing the SCHUBERTH INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM. A specific program aimed to ensure the maximum comfort to the rider giving the option to customize the internal padding with more thickness options for sides, back and cheek pads.

(Head Pad customization available for sizes M/L/XL).


At SCHUBERTH safety is our main focus. With the C5, SCHUBERTH introduces its first helmet with P/J and ECE-R 22.06 Homologation. This includes a new DFP Fiber Glass shell reinforced with Carbon fiber for improved shock absorption and lighter weight.

Just like the entire SCHUBERTH collection, the C5 benefits from the Anti-Roll-Off-System, connected with a chin strap in a new advanced position for improved comfort on the throat area.


The most advanced technology for your SCHUBERTH C5. Extremely easy to install, to configure and use, SC2 sets a new standard for motorcycle communication. The HD speakers and three antennas for FM Radio, Bluetooth Intercom and Mesh Intercom are already pre-installed in the SCHUBERTH C5.

The SC2 is extremely simple to install: Plug in the HD BOOM microphone, remove the covers at the back of the helmet, free the remote control housing on the side, plug both in, turn them on, and you are ready to ride!


The SCHUBERTH C5 confirms its leader position in terms of aeroacoustics comfort with only 85 dB(A) at 100 km/h on a naked bike. With our in-house wind tunnel, SCHUBERTH has optimized every components in terms of aeroacoustics performance, both inside and outside the helmet. The result is an unparalleled quiet level sealed in by the brand new neckroll.


It is always the little details that make the difference between a common helmet and a SCHUBERTH. Introduced for the first time on the E1 peak, the memory function feature is now also included on the C5 visor. With this function, whatever exact position is selected with the chin bar closed, will be maintained after opening, and closing the chin bar.


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