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Venture Heat

Heat+ 12V Heated Jacket Liner

Heat+ 12V Heated Jacket Liner

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This heated jacket liner is wired directly to your bike’s battery allowing for near endless warmth; if your bike can run, you can stay warm. Though this jacket is designed to be worn under your existing motorcycle jacket, it is safe to use in the rain, wind, and snow.

Made with flexible carbon fiber not bulky wiring and includes a self contained pocket so the liner can be rolled and put away.


Our 3.5 amp, 42 watt heated jacket liner is ideal for small bikes with less power generation. Powered by your battery, this jacket will keep you warm for as long as you are on the road. Works with ATV, snowmobile, and brands like Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda, Indian, Ducati, and more!

12V Motorcycle Heated Jacket Liner Lite

Material: Outshell 100% Nylon

Lining: 100% Nylon

Included Accessories: Battery Harness & Safety Fuse (15A)

Optional Accessories: SOLD SEPERATELY Car Adaptor Accessory ( Hella Adaptor), SAE adapter, Y-Splitter, WIreless remote controller.

Voltage: 12V

Wattage: Approx: 42.0W

Current: 3.5A

Weight: 3lb

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